Thursday, January 10, 2013

to the Mountains!

Right before the snow really hit the Sierra's we headed out to get some firewood and cut our Christmas Tree.  We haven't lived near mountains for a long time so its fun to load up and take the kids exploring.  Ben had fun playing -I mean working with his new chain saw.   Rhone was a pretty good helper.  It was fun to go exploring.  We always have a live Christmas Tree at our house, but prices in Cali are a little steep.  So we found the closest National Forest where we could also cut our tree.  Getting our tree was quite the debacle but in the end the tree turned out absolutely beautiful- but a little gigantic.

This tree seemed reasonably sized compared to what else we had seen that day.  Why didn't Ben tell me that this was huge when he took this picture? We might have had a tough time fitting the tree into the bed of the truck.  Don't worry we only lost a few branches when it flew outta the back of the truck.

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