Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Projects

December went by fast, but we still tried to squeeze in some things that we decided that were the most important.  I showed Rhone a couple of ideas for gifts he could make for his Grandparents.  He decided to make them each a little dish.  By the time we molded (even hammered), dried, painted and stamped, and wrapped them- it was quite a project.  But he really did almost everything by himself.  I hope that he is learning that being a giver is as important as being a gracious receiver.  

Rhone picked out some paper and went to work on his letter for Santa.  We really had to encourage him to keep it short.  But he did remember to include Sylvie which was pretty sweet.  We stamped it and dropped it off at Macy's for part of the Make a Wish program.  Rhone started to put it in the box, then quickly pulled his letter out gave it a kiss and mailed it off.  It was really funny and caught me by surprise.  I guess it was a lucky kiss.

We also made wrapping paper, did some Christmas math, and painted a Santa and more.  There were tons of other fun ideas, that just didn't get done.  We already have a list of projects for next year, right.
Showing off his gifts.

Sylvie sucked on a rock and painted a little too.

Toffee is the only candy that I made this year.  But I did win a prize for having the best  dessert at a recipe exchange on base.  Go me!  

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  1. Love the pottery. He is such a cute boy. Love how he signed his name too.