Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bethlehem Night

The base chapel put on a special family night with tents set up like Bethlehem and activites for the kids to do.  They even got a purse of coins that they had to pay with.  There was a live manger scene outside that was really cool.  I am so glad that I singed us up on a whim.  We had a great time.

Rhone was playing with his "wiseman crown" and wanted Sylvie to wear hers too.  Sometimes I watch them interact and I am just so impressed and feel so blessed that they are my babies.

Rhone took this gem

After a shower, I walked into this adorable scene one Saturday morning.  It was totally worth cutting that wood.

Rhone at story time with Mother Goose
Rhone has outgrown naps, but I still try to encourage quiet time.  Look what he quietly accomplished.  Why yes, that is a ski sock in the line of toys.

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