Sunday, December 16, 2012

8 month lady

The months really just cruise by with this little lady.  She is pretty adorable and always has a smile.  She could crawl, but most times she is too content to.  She mostly rolls to where she wants to be.  She likes to feed herself.  So she mostly eats "finger food" and yogurt is still a staple.  She can drink out of a cup, but not a straw or a sippy cup.  She likes to clap her hands and she likes to dangle toys from her thumbs and she loves to kick her feet..  If she doesn't get her way, she is quick to work up some tears.  They are heart melting.  This little lady is going to be hard to discipline :)   

Sylvie's 1st time using a spoon to feed herself.

Rhone loves to pile things around Sylvie "to make her happy".  I find her in these piles all the time and well, she usually is happy.

Our 1st Visitors!

Grandmommy and Grandad were our first visitors.  We had so much fun having them here.  We explored Grass Valley, did some shopping, ate some yummy food and enjoyed each other.  Rhone warmed right up to them and with a little time so did Sylvie.  Rhone loved playing with Grandad and he did a craft with Grandmommy.  We had a fantastic time, but I did not do a great job at taking pictures.  I guess they will just have to come back.

This mine was so interesting and the grounds and original cottage for the owner are magnificent.  I learned a lot about hard rock mining too.  It's so fun to explore new places.  It's one of my favorite things about moving.

The house we were hoping to rent in Grass Valley was right next to this mine turned state park.  It was gorgeous.
For lunch we had a traditional Cornish Pastie (say Pass-tee).  The miners would take this meat and potato filled pastries into the mines and warm them with candles.  They were yummy and filling.

Rhone loved having Grandad read.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Projects around the house

When I was home in October I enlisted my dad's help with a project.  I have been seeing fun shaped picture frames all over lately.  But after hours of looking online I realized that shipping was just going to make getting them too expensive.  Ben was a little worried that they were too curvy and looked feminin.  I was worried that after a short while I would get tired of the trend.  So we made our own arts and crafts version with clean lines.  We even used my great grandpa's jig saw- how cool is that.  We really kicked it in gear with some lingering house projects too because we were expecting our first guests!

I hate those shrubs so we trimmed them as much as we dared (it's hard not owning).

Rhone made pizza. YUM

This project went up quick- thanks to Ben.  I am still working on getting some more pictures of ancestors though.