Saturday, May 25, 2013

Road Trip

We spent a lot of time checking things off our to do list. Instead of heading into our 6 month deployment with everything in place it was a whirl of accomplishing only the essential logistics. We decided to sneak away for 1 last trip together. Rhone has been dying to get to the beach, so that's where we went. I took hundreds of pictures of my kids together with their dad, but now I can't find the SD with all the pictures. It's pretty sad- so here are the few Fromm phone.  

We stopped at the jelly belly factory on our way down. It was a pretty fascinating place. We got to the hotel pretty late, so we just ordered in to get to the pool as soon as we could. The next morning we hit a beautiful and soggy grove of redwoods. Then we headed down beautiful hwy 1 to bodega bay. We had a great time and it was definitely worth all the extra work and clean up I was left with from the trip. 
Racing dad
Gorgeous hike
View from our hotel room. Thank you Hilton points. 
Watching Rhone eat a baby wipe jelly belly is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time and the pencil shavings flavor was dead on. L

I don't have any pictures of the beach. So sad, but we do have great memories. 
Loving on their daddy while waiting in the legal office. 


We weren't sure if Ben would be around for Easter, but luckily he got an extra few days on his short notice deployment so we were able to have him with us. We kept it pretty simple. We had been doing resurrection eggs leading up to it. We spent some time explaining the the story with pictures to Rhone. He was pretty concerned about dying for the next few weeks. It is so nice that we have faith and are able to explain things to him. 

We dyed eggs, played at our church Easter party, went to church, and ate with friends. It was a fun time and extra special since Ben was home with us. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Catch up

Hi family and friends, i am having a hard time getting caught up on the blog, but I am posting pictures on Instagram everyday for Ben to see. Come follow me there for current pics. @mgleck

Monday, May 13, 2013

Nana Came

We were so excited to have my mom come for a visit. She brought the kids lots of fun Easter things. Rhone sat and did a work book with her for hours. We spent 1 day at the discovery museum and got lunch and the best desserts at Ettore's. We played at the zoo. We shopping while Ben watched the kids. Ben and I went on a date (where we ended up buying stools and a trip to Sams club- I just can't help being practical). Nana even helped teach primary and wrangle kids at check ups. Basically she is the best and we are so glad she came to stay.

Everyday things

Here is just a random collection of things. Sylvie and Rhone painted pictures for Papa's birthday. I got a haircut by some one specially trained for curly hair (curl diva stylist). It was the most expensive haircut I have EVER had, but she did do a great job. Ben started getting ready for his short notice deployment, so I started taking more pics of him with the kids so we could look at them when he was gone.

And we started our Resurrection Eggs that I made for Easter.