Sunday, January 13, 2013

more and more Christmas Parties

I feel like we went to hundreds of Christmas Parties...OK maybe it was more like 3, but it felt like a lot.  I loved that Rhone got to make lots of fun Christmas crafts and I didn't have to do all the work.  Ben's squadron had a party where Santa flew in on an MC-12 (that's the plane Ben flies).  It was actually pretty cool, but the wait was exhausting.  Poor Miss Sylvie finally gave up and feel asleep.  This means that we all got to be in the picture with Santa.  Turns out this was the cutest picture of Santa and Sylvie we were going to get.

The base also puts on a children's Christmas party.  It is quite a party!  There was food, a band, planes on display, Santa, crafts and presents.  Rhone's present was pretty cool.  He got 2 monster trucks. Sylvie ended up with "Skip" the ER nurse doll.  It was funny, but not cool.

Last we went to our church's Christmas party.  Rhone got to go up and sing with the primary kids.  He was crazy up there!  You know it's bad when the guys standing behind you are asking whose kid that it.  Yep, he's mine.

Rhone froze up a little on this Santa encounter, kind of like the kid in the movie "A Christmas Story".

 I loved watching Rhone walk around and ask Ben all sorts of questions about the planes. 
This Santa was amazing.  He really looked at the kids and listened to what they said.  The beard and hair are all real too.  I love the look on Sylvie's face as she and Santa are having a face off.  Priceless.

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  1. The pictures from your ward party are great. Even if Sylvie is crying, she is still adorable.