Wednesday, January 16, 2013

9 months

Sweet little Sylvie is changing so fast.  She is such a smiley baby.  She is always a show stopper when we are out.  I think she could get almost anything she wanted with that smile.  Ben took her in for her check up and She is a little below average in height and weight.  She weighs only about 18 lbs.  It is so strange to have a baby who actually fits in the close for her assigned age.  Sylvie is a great eater and wants whatever we are eating.  In fact, she is much easier to please than Mr. Rhone.  She LOVES jamba juice.  If you take that cup away from her, there is instant tears.  At 9 months she finally decided to start crawling.  We love this little lady with all our hearts, her big brother does too.  

Sylvie and her shrinking kangaroo

Rhone likes to get in on  our little photo shoots too :)

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