Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sledding/Skiing Trip

Way back in January we headed back to Tahoe.  We stayed in a gorgeous condo this time.  We swim the first night  and at ate dinner at the resort.  The live musician played/sang you are my sunshine for Rhone.  He loved it.  He even danced around to the music with me.  I am so glad he still thinks I am cool.  We skied and sledded the next 2 days.  Ben tried to get in some quality skiing, but it is just hard with the kids.  The sledding hill was really a ton of fun and it was a warm too.  I even put my skies on for a few runs. We LOVE the breakfast at Granlibakken.  It's so fun to live by snow, but not live in snow.

 My super yummy schnitzel for dinner.

 Every once in a while he is super dad. 
 The whole family on the bunny hill.

 Rhone and I made it down the hill together without a crash.  It was indeed a small miracle.

 Hiking up the sledding hill

 Movie night while Dad went night skiing- only dad didn't end up skiing

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