Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Love Day

Holidays are so much fun with kids.  Rhone and I sent some Valentines to his far away friends.  We also made some for the grandparents and some of our friends in the neighbor hood too.  We had a yummy breakfast together that morning.  Rhone had to go on a hunt to find his and Sylvie's little gifts.  The clues were little hearts that had pictures on them so he could do it own his own.  They were all things that Ben and I do to show them that we love them.  It was pretty fun.  We were lucky enough that Nana and Papa rolled into town for a visit on Valentine's Day.  We tried out a dumpy looking restaurant here in our little town- guess what?  We found a keeper. 

Hunting for his treasure binoculars and all :)

Ben got to ride his motorcycle to work for the first time on Valentines. 

We also celebrated Chinese New Year.  We cleaned the bad luck out of our house and scared it away with fireworks. 

Rhone helped me finish up my picture frames just in time for Nana and Pap to come.

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