Sunday, July 14, 2013

In the mail

We try to be creative with the packages we've sent off to Ben. We have sent out both birthday packages and Father's Day ones too. I sure am glad he won't be gone for Christmas. It's pretty challenging to come up with mailable things that he can actually use while he is gone. 

We always try to send along some of his favorite treats, crafts the kids made and pictures for him to hang on the walls. We send our favorite Isagenix vitamins and drinks to keep him going too. And most importantly we send prayers for him everyday.  

For his birthday, we sent cake in a jar along with all sorts of party decorations.  It was fun for the kids to help make it and bake it in the jar.  We decorated pillow cases for him and made a photobook for too. We also include functional things like new socks and under shirts. 

For Father's Day we vacuum sealed cookies, sent lots of cute things the kids made, a fun calendar with a picture of us on it. We also surprised him with stickygrams for his locker and an iPad case that had a cute pictures of the kids on it. Ben is sporting a rocking mustache right now- so we went along with that theme. 

We are running out if new ideas. What do you send in care packages? 

The kids have gotten some fun packages from him too. We can wait until he is back with us so we don't have to go to the post office any more. 

Birthday cake on top and and his favorite coffee cake on bottom. We sent a jar of store bought frosting and candles too. 
Rhone designed and painted the pillow case by himself. We used freezer paper to cut out the stencils. 

We send random pictures of us snuggling in bed. 
We made earths to send on earth day. 
We thought about sending a crate is Sylvie, but thought she might not get there. 
Pictures of the everyday things he missed

The kids are good at packing and decorating. Sylvie was pretty insistent on packing her toothbrush and toothpaste- I had to sneak them out before we taped the box up. 

Flags for flag day and the 4th
Our proof for his iPad case. We ordered it from a lady right here in town. I love keeping it local. 

Playing with the mustaches
Peeking into the package from Dad. Did you know people donate boxes that already have the shipping paid for Ben to use from Afghanistan? Pretty cool huh. 

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  1. It's tough coming up with new ideas, but you've covered pretty much everything awesome! Some other things I've seen, is a canvas laundry bag with iron on photos, a homemade blanket (quilt, crochet, as long as it's homemade, it feels full of love, and is nice for him to snuggle up in and think of you!!) and for Christmas last year I sent Scott an 8x10 block of wood, that I mounted a family photo on. He loved it, it was the family picture that stood by itself, and could never break (unlike the glass in a traditional frame).