Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spilled Perfume

I mentioned that Ben picked out some special gifts for each of the kids. One of the things he got Rhone was a bottle cologne. 

Rhone started noticing that Ben put on cologne whenever we get ready for church or dressed up nice to go out. Rhone loves going into the bathroom with Daddy to get his hair combed and a little spritz. He comes out so proud and I always talk about how handsome he is. 

Rhone was so excited after opening it  when he realizing what it was. Ben talked about how he was the big guy in the house so he got his own, but this also meant he had to be Mom's helper. It was pretty sweet and Rhone readily agreed that he would be the "man of the house". 

Rhone treated it so carefully and would talk about Ben and being handsome every time he sprayed it. He left it up high so that Sylvie wouldn't get it. 

About 2 days after Ben left, I heard a crash from the kitchen. I rushed in, to see what had happened. There stood Rhone with tears streaming down his face. The bottle covered the floor in tiny black bits. The smell of knock of Calvin Klein (you didn't think we but name brand for a 4 year old) filled my house. My sweet little guy was so, so devastated. He kept saying, "now I won't be able to remember Daddy". 

Rhone had been putting the lid back on his bottle when it slipped to side and crashed to the tile floor. It really and truly was an accident. Luckily miss Sylvie was napping so she wasn't trying to get into the mess and walk through the glass. We cleaned up all the glass, mopped up yhe liquid, and flung open the windows to try and get the smell out. 

Sometimes you just have to cry over spilled "perfume". When our house finally stopped smelling, I let Rhone get another bottle if "Tahoe" at Target and the man if the house is handsome again. 


  1. What a good mother you are. The only thing more heartbreaking than crying because you miss someone, is watching your babies cry about it too. Sorry about the cologne. I know that was special. Good thing Rhone has a Mommy who can fix anything.

  2. What a sweet story. He is such a cute kid, and you are a good mom.