Saturday, May 25, 2013

Road Trip

We spent a lot of time checking things off our to do list. Instead of heading into our 6 month deployment with everything in place it was a whirl of accomplishing only the essential logistics. We decided to sneak away for 1 last trip together. Rhone has been dying to get to the beach, so that's where we went. I took hundreds of pictures of my kids together with their dad, but now I can't find the SD with all the pictures. It's pretty sad- so here are the few Fromm phone.  

We stopped at the jelly belly factory on our way down. It was a pretty fascinating place. We got to the hotel pretty late, so we just ordered in to get to the pool as soon as we could. The next morning we hit a beautiful and soggy grove of redwoods. Then we headed down beautiful hwy 1 to bodega bay. We had a great time and it was definitely worth all the extra work and clean up I was left with from the trip. 
Racing dad
Gorgeous hike
View from our hotel room. Thank you Hilton points. 
Watching Rhone eat a baby wipe jelly belly is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time and the pencil shavings flavor was dead on. L

I don't have any pictures of the beach. So sad, but we do have great memories. 
Loving on their daddy while waiting in the legal office. 

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