Monday, February 25, 2013

Christmas finally came

We had a wonderful Christmas at our home.  We have been blessed beyond belief.  We made sure that Rhone knew he didn't get to run out and look at the gifts without waking up Mom and Dad first.  Growing up, we always had a family prayer on Christmas morning before opening gifts and I think that is an important tradition to carry on.  We headed out to see if Santa came as a family (well Sylvie was still sleeping sweetly in her crib).  Rhone played with his Santa gifts and opening his stocking.  When Sylvie finally woke up,we had a yummy french toast casserole hot out of the oven.  Sylvie got a turn to play with her gifts from Santa.  After that we opened gifts, face timed with family, and just enjoyed our whole day together as a family.  It was a pretty low key Christmas, but it was perfect for our little family and it was fun watch Sylvie celebrate her first Christmas.  (See the funny picture of Rhone holding up undies.  We are working on being grateful for all gifts that we receive. He laughed and said that was so silly of that elf :)

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  1. Sylvie is getting soooo big! She is adorable with that red hair, reminds me of Naomi when she was that little. Looks like a great Christmas!