Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Birthday Party

I tried hard to make sure that Christmas is about the Saviors birth, not Santa.  It's hard with little ones and the Santa excitement.  This year we did a few fun activities and we decided to have a birthday party for Jesus.  Rhone was pretty pretty excited about this.  I made this delicious chocolate cake (absolutely worth all the work).  We invited our neighbors over to help us celebrate.  They have 5 kids, so that makes it feel like a real party.  All the younger kids took a turn blowing out candles.  Fun to celebrate with friends and nice to have a night about being together and remember our blessings instead of worrying about toys and gifts.
Santa rolled through the neighborhood on a fire truck one evening.  I went out in my skiing base layer, not realizing the whole neighborhood would be there.  I am sure I made an impression in my wool socks and tights.  Ha.  Rhone went right up to Santa and hugged him.  Sylvie cried.

Jesus' birthday cake
The candle blowing party.
Sylvie's 1st Christmas ornament.

My adorable kids being silly.
Trying to get a picture.  We took so many.  This one is especially funny.

We finally got an adorable one.  Notice that it's a different Sunday!  Doesn't Sylvie look grown up here?

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  1. Oh my. They are both so cute. I love the last picture by the tree. What great smiles, how did you get them to do that!!!