Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Idaho Trip

So I did not do an awesome job of taking pictures in Idaho, but pictures or not, we sure had a lot of fun.  The cousins exchanged Christmas gifts and we finally got our gifts to Nana and Papa too.  We went sledding is some pretty chilly (about -15*F) weather.  Unfortunately all those fun pictures are on my moms camera. Ben had fun taking the snow mobiles out too.  We took a trip to Lava Hot Springs and mostly just enjoyed being together and watching the boys run around and bouncing in the bounce house.  I got the flu while on our trip and by the end I was in bad shape and pretty miserable, but we still had a great time visiting family for the Holidays.  This was a first for us in a long time and we sure are blessed with amazing people in our life.

 Olin and Rhone "helping" Sylvie open her gift.
 Trying out Rhone's new guns.

 Nana made chicken noodle soup for sick me- my mom is the best..  Sylvie really loved those noodles
  Look at my Lions fans.  Maybe next year team :)
 Trying out Olin's Christmas present.  How cute are these boys!
 Giving Nana and Papa their gifts

 Look how excited Rhone's face is!

Awe she loves Brock

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