Friday, December 14, 2012

Projects around the house

When I was home in October I enlisted my dad's help with a project.  I have been seeing fun shaped picture frames all over lately.  But after hours of looking online I realized that shipping was just going to make getting them too expensive.  Ben was a little worried that they were too curvy and looked feminin.  I was worried that after a short while I would get tired of the trend.  So we made our own arts and crafts version with clean lines.  We even used my great grandpa's jig saw- how cool is that.  We really kicked it in gear with some lingering house projects too because we were expecting our first guests!

I hate those shrubs so we trimmed them as much as we dared (it's hard not owning).

Rhone made pizza. YUM

This project went up quick- thanks to Ben.  I am still working on getting some more pictures of ancestors though.

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  1. I LOVE your photo wall, it's so great to include past generations. I have been thinking about doing that with ours. It's so cute that Rhone piles stuff around Sylvie! Joshua is just all over the place, I am thankful for the 2 steps down into the living room.